Thank you again for backing Wild Card Creator! Your Kickstarter pledge level allows you to submit one character to be included as a pregen character with all versions of Wild Card Creator (unless you upped your pledge level to include more). There will be a total of 72 characters generated by Kickstarter backers included in the final product along with pregens provided by companies and pregens created by myself.

Coming Up with a Concept

The first part of the submission process may be the hardest: coming up with an idea for a character you would like to submit. At this point, think of a name, a concept (e.g. “Professor of archaeology and daring adventurer”), and any important details you need to mention. Avoid character concepts that are in bad taste.

You can create characters for plain Savage Worlds Deluxe or any published setting. If you really want to do a character for a fan-made conversion, then let me know and we’ll talk about it.

Update 10/18/2012: Nobody else create a priest for Rippers! We’ve already got a few of them!

Coordinating with Other Backers

Although it’s not a bad thing for backers to make similar characters, we don’t what to have forty Deadlands Hucksters. So I’ve created a Google Docs spreadsheet where backers can put the above information  and get a feel for what other backers are wanting to make characters for.

Each Kickstarter tier has its own spreadsheet. Feel free to look at any of them, but only edit the one that is pertinent to you:

The Seasoned/Veteran and Legendary Gaming Table pledge levels are designed to be groups of characters and only had one backer each, so there is no need for a spreadsheet for them.

Creating your Character

Wild Card Creator uses Savage Worlds Deluxe. If you only have the 2007 Explorer’s Edition, you should be fine with making characters, just be aware that the Guts skill now only exists for Deadlands and a few other horror settings. All Edges, Powers, etc. will work like they do in Savage Worlds Deluxe unless otherwise trumped by a setting.

There is a specific format that I’d like for you to submit your Savage Worlds character. Download this  SW Character Creation Checklist (created by Terry Whisenant, made form-fillable by me). The majority of the form should be filled out for the character at 0 XP. For each Advance, describe in the simplest, but most descriptive terms what you are adding (e.g. Marksman Edge, Fighting d4 to d8, Agility d10 to d12, Bought off Habit (Major) Hindrance). If you want to note any permanent injuries, new Hindrances, becoming Harrowed (for Deadlands), or other character development, write them on one of the Advances too and explain in the Notes area if necessary. Note that Race is not on that sheet; if you are playing a setting where “Human” is not the default, write your race in the Notes area.

I encourage you to level up your character all the way to 130 XP, even if you don’t intend for them to normally be used at that level. Wild Card Creator will be able to dynamically level up and down characters, so you can print your character at 60 XP for one con game and 20 XP for another with just a few clicks. I encourage you to check out Triple Ace Games’ pregens for Daring Tales of Adventure (scroll down to the bottom of the page) which is a good example of this concept. In their PDFs, you can actually set the XP from 0 XP to 100 XP and the character sheet will be releveled automatically. Wild Card Creator probably won’t let you edit a character like that within the PDF, but you’ll be able to do something similar within the program. During the submission process, I’ll also ask you to note a “minimum XP” and “preferred XP” level for your character.

Homeruled Content

In general, please don’t add houseruled content to your character (new Edges, new Hindrances, changing the way that Advances work). Although Wild Card Creator can certainly handle houseruled content, it will be really messy to include it with pregen characters. You can add new gear (see below) if necessary, but please stick with the rules of Savage Worlds Deluxe and any settings you are using.


Make a list of the gear your character has. If you are only using items in Savage Worlds Deluxe or a setting, you can just list the name of the item. You don’t need to calculate the remaining money (Wild Card Creator will do that), but you do need to make sure that you don’t overspend. Please only buy items at the list price (although you can by used items for settings that allow it, like Deadlands, if you write a note next to it). If you are creating anything new that is necessary for the character concept (e.g. a pack of cigarettes for someone with a Habit (Major)), you’ll need to include all of the stats for the new item.

Writing a Background

All characters should have some sort of written background of at least one paragraph, but no more than four. I reserve the right to trim down your background if it’s too wordy or has grammatical errors. This should describe who the character is in such a way that someone could pick him or her up and have a good idea of how to play them. You might include details about their past, their personality traits, their current motivations, or anything else that would help describe the character. Just like the character concept, avoid character backgrounds that are in bad taste.

Character Portrait

If your character portrait is not being commissioned by Cheyenne Wright as part of the Heroic and Legendary Wild Card tiers, you can optionally choose to submit a character portrait along with your character. The image file should be in JPG or PNG format and be at a reasonable size and resolution (I’m not setting any hard rules on this, so just use common sense).

Just to be clear though, you can not go to Google Images and download the first picture you find. That is copyright violation and it won’t be tolerated. In order to ensure that all portraits do not violate the copyright of the original creator, the character portrait will only be accepted if at least one of the following are true:

  • You have created it yourself
  • You have explicit permission from the creator to let it be used in Wild Card Creator
  • It is in the public domain (as recognized by the United States)
  • It is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) license (none of the other Creative Commons licenses are acceptable)

When you send it in, you will be required to provide the name of the author or note that it’s in the public domain.

How to Send it All in

Just fill in the form below:

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Questions, Comments, and Concerns

I realize that there are a lot of steps and that this may be somewhat burdensome, but it’s the simplest way I know of to effectively manage so many character submissions. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact me through Kickstarter and I will be able to help you with the process.