Journeyman Games Icon TransparentJourneyman Games was founded in July 2012 with the goal of providing tools for roleplaying games that are above and beyond the norm.

The name of the company was chosen because a “Journeyman” has historically been a craftsman between an apprentice and a master in terms of skill; a fitting description of an ambitious start up company. In recent times, the usage of the word “Journeyman” has been morphed into something of a traveller to exotic lands, literally a journeying man. This fits well with the idea of tabletop roleplaying games where players imagine that their characters are running their characters exotic settings from a variety of genres.

Also, the company founder thoroughly enjoys both the TV show Journeyman and the computer game series The Journeyman Project (which are about time traveling to other places).

Will Herrmann

Will is the president and founder of Journeyman Games. He was introduced to roleplaying games by the Wittenberg University Role-playing Guild and it has since become a hobby he is passionate about. After graduating from college with degrees in Computer Science and Psychology, Will decided to supplement his job by making tools for the roleplaying games he loves.

  • Most Memorable RPG Experience: When our party of superheroes died in a car crash.
  • Favorite Ice Cream: Black Raspberry Chip from Graeters.
  • Favorite Die in Collection: A 10-sided random emotion die. Randomly rolling emotions for NPCs (or PCs!) has added hours of fun!
  • Quirks at the Gaming Table: All my PCs get a birthday, usually generated by a d12 for the month and a d30 for the day (if 30 is rolled and there are 31 days in the month, roll odds or evens).

A typical Journeyman Games staff meeting