Wild Card Creator 1.6 released

It’s been a long time coming, but Wild Card Creator 1.6 has been released! A few highlights in this release:

  • The ability to create custom gear for a character. Want a picture of his wife? Melee weapon stats for a crowbar you found? You can create them right on the gear page!
  • Support of The Sixth Gun
  • Bundled Java for OS X; no more being asked to download Java 6!
  • Lots of internal bug fixes and code improvements.

Check out the full changelog for more information.

Will Wild Card Creator support Rifts?

I’ve gotten this question a lot over the last few days. The answer is yes, but only after things have settled down a little bit. Those of you who have backed the Kickstarter or been following the Pinnacle forums know that Rifts has had a lot of rules clarifications and errata in the first week alone. It takes a fair amount of effort to add support for a new setting, especially an involved one like Rifts, and I’d like to make sure that I don’t have to redo lots of work a few weeks later.

4 Comments on "Wild Card Creator 1.6 released"

  1. Okumara says:

    Super Hero setting seems to be broken now. Can’t add powers.

    • admin says:(Author)

      You’re not the first to note that powers from the Super Powers Companion isn’t working for them, but strangely there are a lot of people for whom it is working just fine. It would help a lot to have a little more information. If you could enable the debug console and send me back the information, it will hopefully provide me with the information I need.

  2. Carl says:

    Any update on Rifts being added? I looked at your upcoming list and didn’t see it there.

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