New Feature: Adding Custom Gear to a Character

One feature that has often been requested is the ability to create custom gear for a character. For instance, say that your character carries a sentimental photo. With old versions of Wild Card Creator, you had to write it on your character sheet after the fact. With the upcoming version 1.6, you can now create custom gear:

Custom Gear Mundane Item

This works for weapons as well. Say your character is a space pirate who has grown so attached to a one-of a kind gun that he gave it a name:

Custom Gear Ranged Weapon

You can add this to your gear and treat it like any weapon you would normally purchase. If you give it a cost, it will subtract from your remaining cash like any other weapon.

If you’d like to test this feature now, you can download Wild Card Creator 1.6b3 and try it out! (Note, the beta is only available for Windows and OS X at this time. Linux will be available in the next few days). To enable beta updates:

  1. In the menu bar, select Edit -> Preferences (Windows/Linux) or Wild Card Creator -> Preferences… (Mac)
  2. Go to the “Experimental” section
  3. Click the “Include Beta Versions in Updates” button
  4. Close the window
  5. Go to Help -> Check for Updates
After checking for updates, you can turn off the beta version check if you would like.
This is the first of several blog posts discussing the new features in Wild Card Creator 1.6, which is being finalized now and will be released within the next week or two!

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