New Developments for Wild Card Creator

It’s been quite a while since the last update on Wild Card Creator, but it’s high time to change that. Those of you who are keeping up with the beta releases (in the “Experimental” tab of the preferences) will notice that progress has continued, as Wild Card Creator 1.6 has had a few betas now.

Most of the improvements have been under the hood, but are still valuable improvements for the longevity of the product. Some of these include stability and maintainability improvements. OS X users will be pleased to know that the betas have begun bundling Java, which makes it easier for users of newer versions of OS X to use the app and opening up the possibility of one day adding Wild Card Creator to the Mac App Store. I’ve also been looking into changing how the Linux app is distributed to better match how users expect apps to work on that platform. These changes seem to be going well, and if there are no issues, version 1.6 will be released to the public much sooner than later.

In some unfortunate news, I’m sorry to report that Wild Card Creator will not be adding support for Savage Worlds Showdown as originally planned. You may have noticed that Pinnacle has been very busy with so many new product lines, and there have not been any new releases for Showdown since it’s release in 2009 (with rules corresponding to Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition). With the future for Showdown being uncertain, I’ve decided to consolidate my focus on Wild Card Creator on other areas where it is more needed, and more in demand. Should this change in the future, I will be happy to reevaluate support for it.

One of these areas is setting support, and there have been some great developments in this area. There are over 80 settings in Savage Worlds and while Wild Card Creator supports many of them, there are still quite a few that aren’t supported. Fortunately, several people have volunteered to help, with the first setting being added thanks to the work of a volunteer being Reality Blur’s Iron Dynasty.

Thanks again to everyone who has used and enjoyed Wild Card Creator. Your suggestions have been invaluable and will help spur the release of the product forward!

11 Comments on "New Developments for Wild Card Creator"

  1. MARK WIDNER says:

    Any chance with the update that you will add a ‘proxy’ option so I can get updates from behind my proxy server?

    • admin says:(Author)

      I admit that adding proxy options is not something I’ve even considered, but I would be happy to consider it, especially to help others get updates more easily. Please get in touch with me via the Contact form on this site or e-mail and I’ll be happy to discuss more about this to make sure that it happens.

  2. john Polack says:

    great news….love the software I run allot of convention and demo games so WCC helps me prepare and run faster more fun and furious games! Keep up the great work.

  3. Really disappointing that SW Showdown won’t be supported. Great skirmish engine, and there’s a dearth of fillable files out there that will make the unit cards available in the format used in the rules. Wish you would reconsider.

    • admin says:(Author)

      I really enjoy Savage Worlds Showdown as well, and I’ve had a lot of good times playing it. However, it’s tough to justify the time needed to create a polished app for a rules system that hasn’t seen any updates or new releases in 7 years. If Pinnacle continues to support it, especially by updating it to be in line with the latest version of Savage Worlds, I’ll definitely reconsider.

  4. Francis says:

    Will there be an update for Hell on Earth Reloaded? Thew newer PDFs are not compatible.

  5. Andrew Martinez says:

    What about the new Rippers Resurrected? Also are you going to be doing any surveys as well?

    • admin says:(Author)

      I haven’t gotten a chance to look at Rippers Resurrected yet, but if it’s like the last version, I don’t think that it will be too difficult to add. As for another survey, one thing I’ve been kicking around for a while is the idea of adding a section of the site that has a survey anyone can vote for at any time. This way, I can better keep up with demand for new settings as they come out.

  6. Jeffrey Fuller says:

    Support for mixed rule sets would be very helpful. I tend to run games that don’t fit just one genre, like SciFi/Fantasy. Any chance we’ll see support for this anytime soon?

    • admin says:(Author)

      You can already mix settings through an experimental feature. Go to Preferences, then the “Experimental” tab and check “Allow Combining Top-Level Settings”. This feature hasn’t been tested extensively, but it should allow you to do what you are wanting. If you have any trouble with this feature, feel free to send some feedback!

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