Wild Card Creator 1.5 Released

Just in time for the summer convention season, Wild Card Creator 1.5 has been released! Here are the highlights for this version:

Check out the full changelog for all the new features and fixes.

I’ll be attending Origins Game Fair in Columbus this week, so if you see me, say hi! After that, it’s back to more development with Wild Card Creator!

10 Comments on "Wild Card Creator 1.5 Released"

  1. MOELANDER says:

    Hey just a short question: When will we be able to combine the Fantasy/Supers/Scifi companions with our homebrew settings, cause I kinda wanted to do that and use some of their elements for the characters…

    • admin says:(Author)

      There’s an experimental feature that allows you to do just that. To activate it:

      1. In the menu bar, select Edit -> Preferences (Windows/Linux) or Wild Card Creator -> Preferences… (Mac)
      2. Go to the “Experimental” section
      3. Under the “Future Features” group, check “Allow Combining Top-Level Settings”

      That will allow you to mix those up, but it’s not been tested and may not work right. Still, if you find any issues, I’d appreciate you sending me a bug report (via e-mail or the Feedback menu in the app) so that I can fix them in preparation for making it a main part of the app.

  2. Richard Skallerud says:

    Are you still going to support Showdown? I’m looking forward to that. You have a really great product here, thank you.

    • admin says:(Author)

      Yes, Showdown support will still happen, although I don’t have an ETA at this point. Glad you like Wild Card Creator!

  3. Brian "Voodooking"Rosenberger says:

    Just wanted to drop a note telling you that this is a great product. I use it for all my Savage Worlds character creation. Is there a chance of getting some updated Character sheets for Deadlands?

    • admin says:(Author)

      Thanks for your kind words! What are some of the updated character sheets you are wanting to see? Is there an official one that is missing from the app?

  4. Any news for upcoming updates?

    • admin says:(Author)

      I’ve released some internal betas for version 1.6, which provide a number of bug fixes especially for OS X. I think I’ve learned my lesson for stating estimated release dates, but I’m pushing for a release sooner than later.

      • Gonzalo Durán says:

        Great to know about WCC again. I was afraid of you would be down the project. Release dates are not so important as keeping us informed. Please, consider to publish blog entries or comments at regular basis if it is possible (one or two times per month for example).
        On the other hand… Those OS X bugs are related to El Capitan or former versions? And… What settings will be the next to be added to WCC?

        • admin says:(Author)

          I can certainly do better with writing more about Wild Card Creator, since as you said, information is more important than release dates. Regarding the OS X bugs, it does affect some El Capitan (OS X 10.11) users as well. As for next settings, I will say that I am putting the finishing touches on Iron Dynasty, which as created with the help of a fan, so you’ll be seeing that setting at least.

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