Development Continues, Wild Card Creator 1.5 Soon to be Released!

One of the dangers of being a solo developer is that if you get sick, have family emergencies, or are otherwise unable to program for long periods of time, development on your projects stops. These last several months have been difficult for me for personal reasons. For those of you who are concerned, I am doing okay and am largely through those struggles. I’m still alive and healthy, still programming, and still enthusiastic about Wild Card Creator!

Work on Wild Card Creator has continued in earnest and I will get another update out sometime in May. We’ll see a couple of new settings, including Pinnacle’s newly released Deadlands: Stone and a Hard Place, some new features, and a lot of bug fixes. I’ve also begun recruiting others to help bring new settings to Wild Card Creator, so you will be able to make characters in your favorite settings sooner.

Thank you all very much to those of you who have submitted e-mails and bug reports! I’m slowly catching up on those and hope to personally address everyone’s issues as I am able to. It’s great to have such an enthusiastic fanbase who is committed to making Wild Card Creator even better!

Now that things are continuing along at a renewed rate, it’s my hope that this year will be a great year for Wild Card Creator!

2 Comments on "Development Continues, Wild Card Creator 1.5 Soon to be Released!"

  1. Great news! I hope more and more updates and new settings.

  2. MOELANDER says:

    Hello, good news indeed! Hope you get to include Gaslight into the pdfs soon.

    Hope you have plenty of time for yourself! I know how personal things can keep you from your heart’s work.

    Try blogging more often, it seems to help!


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