Wild Card Creator 1.4 Released

Earlier today, Wild Card Creator 1.4 was released, adding a number of improvements and rules fixes (especially with regards to Super Powers Companion super powers). Support has also been added for East Texas University and Necessary Evil from Pinnacle Entertainment Group and Thrilling Tales from Adamant Entertainment.

East Texas University is the first setting supported by Wild Card Creator with alternate ranks. When you have that setting loaded, ranks appear as Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, Senior, and Graduate instead of Novice, Seasoned, Veteran, Heroic, and Legendary. Character rank appears this way as do Edges, both new ones and those from the core rules.

Necessary Evil also has something interesting about it: Wild Card Creator will let you load it on its own and use the super power rules within it or load it with the super power rules from the Super Powers Companion (if you have it loaded). So you can create your super villains using whichever supers rules you prefer!

On a more personal note, this is a huge milestone for Wild Card Creator. Back in Spring 2010, I had decided to run a Necessary Evil one-shot at FOPCon in Huber Heights, Ohio. Being ambitious, I decided to create six 40 XP pregen characters. If this were core Savage Worlds, I probably could have created them in about 20-30 minutes apiece. However, the complexities of Necessary Evil’s super powers rules meant that I had to spend a lot more time on it, especially since I wasn’t very familiar with the subsystem, and the characters took over an hour each. It was at that time that I first had the idea of creating a Savage Worlds character creator that could vastly reduce the time it would take to make such characters, and allow for me to create some pretty character sheets at the same time.

One last thing: Wild Card Creator now has a 30-day demo version available on the product info page! If you’ve been telling others about how great Wild Card Creator is, but haven’t been able to convince them to get it, tell them that they now have the opportunity to give it a spin and find out firsthand how great it is!

As always, please let us know your feedback and how we can make Wild Card Creator even better!

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