Vote for Wild Card Creator in the ENnies!

It’s been almost two years since the Wild Card Creator Kickstarter began and a year since Wild Card Creator was released. Gamers like you have been overwhelmingly receptive to a character creator built from the ground up for Savage Worlds, especially one that allowed you to import content from PDFs you had already purchased and featured an easy to use graphical editor for homebrew content. But ultimately, this project succeeded because of your generous support through Kickstarter and your incredibly helpful feedback.

It’s with great pleasure that I announce that Wild Card Creator has been nominated for an ENnie Award in the “Best Software” category. The ENnie Awards (often times just shortened to “ENnies”) are the equivalent of the People’s Choice Awards for roleplaying games. They recognize the best products in the roleplaying game industry and have the general public vote on which ones they believe is truly the best in their category.

Not only has Wild Card Creator been nominated for an ENnie Award, but other Savage Worlds products have as well including Pinnacle Entertainment Group’s Deadlands Noir and Weird Wars Rome (which were also were funded via Kickstarter), Sneak Attack Press’ Savage Worlds version of Broken Earth, and Evil Beagle Games’Shaintar: Legends Unleashed. All of these products are amazing and I hope that you’ll vote for them as well when you vote for Wild Card Creator!

Since the Kickstarter is long over, updates have been posted on Journeyman Games’ blog and Twitter feed @JourneymanRPGs. However, there are a couple of other things I ought to address since they are Kickstarter specific:

First, Wild Card Creator is currently at version 1.3.1. Version 1.2 added the ability to auto-download updates, so if you using a version earlier than that, download the latest version from Your Account on the Journeyman Games’ website. If you have any issues with that, contact me via Kickstarter messaging or e-mail. Recent versions have added a lot of new features, such as setting support for 20 settings including the Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) and Science Fiction Companion. Of course we’re not done; the next version will be adding 3 new settings to the mix!

Over the next month I’ll be taking care of some of the remaining loose ends from this Kickstarter. Now that Wild Card Creator has been stable for several versions, I’ll be burning CDs and contacting those directly who ordered them. By the way, the CDs look gorgeous:

Wild Card Creator CD

I’ll also be contacting people about any other loose ends relating to their pledge levels, particularly NPC submissions.

What’s next for Wild Card Creator? First off is fulfilling the goal to have every setting supported by the end of Autumn this year (you can see the progress of that here). After that, work will begin on the iPad and Android tablet versions as well as support forSavage Worlds Showdown. Since the vast majority of the code for Wild Card Creator on the desktop can be reused for both of these projects, I am hoping that development should be quicker.

Again, thank you so much for seeing the potential for Wild Card Creator when it was just a Kickstarter. Your support and feedback has made Wild Card Creator into the amazing app that is today!

Vote for Wild Card Creator in the ENnies awards!

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