Sci-Fi and Super Powers Companions Added!

Wild Card Creator 1.3 has been released! The changelog is short, but that one line says a whole lot:

Pinnacle’s Super Powers Companion (Second Edition) and Science Fiction Companion are now supported.

Two of the most requested PDFs are now added to Wild Card Creator! Go ahead and download the update and give it a spin. These two settings are pretty complex and offer a lot of new functionality for Wild Card Creator, so as always, if you spot a bug or have some feedback, contact us and tell us how we can make it even better!

Next up on the list of things to do is making a huge dent in that setting support list (with some help from several contributors). Also in the near future is the ability to add custom content on the fly, allowing you to give your character that Edge that your GM just invented for your character specifically. A bit farther in the future, is support for creating the custom content found in the Science Fiction Companion, such as custom starships. And then there are other things planned as well!

Enjoy Wild Card Creator!

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