Download Codes Sent

I’ve sent all 529 download code e-mails to backers (Kickstarter and PayPal). Inside, you should have have received instructions for downloading versions of Wild Card Creator along with a unique download code so that you can get it from the new Journeyman Games online store for free (since you already paid for it. If you haven’t received one or you have any problems downloading it, let me know.

I had a few questions about how tough it was to send out 529 e-mails and if I had any sanity left. To answer that question, I’ve decided to recount the process to you via the Savage Worlds Deluxe Dramatic Task rules. This happened in the “Life” campaign I’m in (we meet every day).


Will Herrmann: Woohoo! I finished Wild Card Creator 1.0!

GM of Life: Great, you’ll get extra XP for accomplishing a lot this session. But first, we need to have to do a Dramatic Task.

Will: For what?

GM: You remember. Last session you set up the online store so that people could purchase and download Wild Card Creator instantly. And then I alluded to the fact that you’d have to convert people over to the new system to make things easier for everyone?

Will: Oh yeah… Aren’t Dramatic Tasks supposed to be done during combat or ticking timebombs or something?

GM: Why do you want a ticking time bomb?

Will: Nope, that’s okay.

GM: This will be a standard five round dramatic task to get 529 download code e-mails to backers for both Kickstarter and PayPal. If you don’t get it out in time, you’ll suffer the wrath of the backers and take a penalty to Charisma for your lost reputation. Make a Spirit roll to get through the monotony of copy-pasting that many e-mails.

Will: I’ve got a better idea. Can I substitute Knowledge (Computer Programming)? It’s a decent stat after my last Advance. I want to write a script that can generate these e-mails for me.

GM: Sounds reasonable. Make an Investigation roll to see if you can learn how.

Will: [rolls] I got a 6. Looks like my Google-fu is strong.

GM: You’ve found some code online that gives you the general idea. We’ll call that a success. Now make that Knowledge (Computer Programming) roll.

Will: [rolls] It exploded! I got an 11, so a success and a raise.

GM: Not only are you able to get it to work the way you want it to, but you also got it to generate some files you’ll need to get your website to recognize the discount codes.

Will: Awesome! Over half way there!

GM: Ah, but you drew a Club on your Action Card and that means a complication. You suddenly get 46 new e-mails in your inbox. It seems that your e-mail service will only let you send 150 each hour before it cuts you off, so you’ve just had a bunch of e-mails bounce back. And furthermore, you don’t see a pattern for which e-mails bounced back, so you’re not sure who didn’t get one. You’ll be at a –2 to your next Knowledge (Computers) roll and if you fail, you’ll face the wrath of backers who didn’t get their download codes.

Will: Aw man…hey wait, I’ve got an idea. How about I use my knowledge of regular expressions that I’ve learned from creating importers for Savage Worlds settings and pull out all the e-mail addresses and backer codes.

GM: Roll it.

Will: [rolls] Shucks, rolled a 3…Oh, I’ve got a Benny, I’ll spend that…There we go, I rolled a 5. I gather the codes and the e-mails and resend them through my script.

GM: Crisis narrowly avoided. Looks like nobody is going to miss out on their download codes. But you’ve taken a while to do this and now you’ve got some backers writing glib comments on your last Kickstarter update saying they are “somewhat patient, somewhat not :-)”

Will: Alright, I’ll just try write a quick comment to them in response and continue with my script, doing the e-mails in sets so that I don’t hit that limit. [rolls] And there we are, a 4 on the Wild Die! I’ve successfully delivered all 529 e-mails, each with a unique license code, and with no Sanity loss! I’ll just write a Kickstarter update saying that I’ve done it and let people know to contact me directly if they didn’t get it or had any problems.

…Wait a second, I’m writing that Kickstarter update right now. Woah, that’s so meta.

GM: Hey, no meta-gaming!

Will: Sorry!

GM: Now, let’s give another run at that “day job” subsystem I’ve written as a setting rule…

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