Wild Card Creator Backer Beta Released!

It’s Here!

Faithful Wild Card Creator Backers! I’m incredibly pleased to announce that you can now get your hands on Wild Card Creator! All backers via Kickstarter and PayPal have been given instructions for how to download Wild Card Creator. Please contact me if you have trouble accessing it.

Backer Release Party!

If you’d like to celebrate the backer release of Wild Card Creator, join us for a Release Party over Google Hangout. It will be Saturday, June 1st from 4-6pm EDT (UTC –4 hours). If you’re the forgetful type, you can download this .ics file to have it automatically added to whatever calendar you use.

What Next?

This is a beta release for all backers. It works great, but there are definitely some bugs lurking about and some features that ought to be improved (and a small handful of things that still need to be added). So there will be improvements made.

The bundled artwork for characters and stuff are missing. The esteemed, three-time Hugo award winning Cheyenne Wright has been working overtime on a secret project for Pinnacle, so not all of his artwork for Wild Card Creator is in yet. In the mean time, I’m working out the logistics of getting the images to you without increasing the download size by 50 MB or so. Also, the icon for the program is temporary. It’s based on one of Storn Cook’s pieces of art, but it’s not going to stay.

Most importantly, what’s next is that you try out Wild Card Creator. Let me know what you like. Let me know what you don’t like. Let me know what new things you want. Let me know how this can be made better for all of us.

I’m extremely grateful for all 476 of you for enabling me to create this program for a roleplaying game that means so much to me. Now get gaming and enjoy Wild Card Creator!

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