Savage Worlds Setting Survey Results

Thanks to everyone who voted in the Savage Worlds Setting Survey. There were 247 people who voted (about 60% of Kickstarter and PayPal backers combined), so we’ve got a great sample of what people are interested in using Wild Card Creator for. I’ve tabulated the results and found the following:

Pinnacle Entertainment Group Settings

Third Party Settings

So there you have it: a list of what settings people are interested in using with Wild Card Creator. This also might be a reasonable sample of what Savage Worlds players are playing as well.

I have to say that there are a few surprises. For one, I was sure that Deadlands would top the list, but it was actually the Fantasy Companion that was most in demand by a whopping 70% of respondents! And although it’s to be expected that products from the big third party companies would top the list, I hadn’t guessed that Realms of Cthulhu would be the one that over half of people are most interested in playing!

These two lists will be roughly the order that setting support will be added to Wild Card Creator, at which point you’ll be able to import their PDFs and use their character options without any issues. I’ll be adding support for as many settings as I can for the initial release with the goal being every one of these settings supported within one year of the initial release date.

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