Project Successful!

It’s been one heck of a ride through this Kickstarter campaign! From 08/08 to 09/09, 375 backers pledged on Kickstarter for a total of $10,392. In addition, 9 backers pledged through PayPal adding $185 to that for a grand total of $10,577!

This project has been more successful than I ever imagined it would be! It’s been amazing for me see people so excited about a project I’ve have worked so hard on for so long! Thank you all so much for helping to make Wild Card Creator happen!

What Happens Now?

First off, even though the Kickstarter drive is closed, I will still be accepting PayPal pledges until shortly before Wild Card Creator is released. So if you know someone who would be interested, but didn’t pledge, let them know. The price of Wild Card Creator will be higher than the $20 offered on Kickstarter once it is released.

The money pledged through Kickstarter will be delivered to me (minus a 5% cut from both Amazon Payments and Kickstarter) in two weeks. Over the next few days, all backers will be receiving a survey asking for whichever of the following applies to your pledge level:

  • Your name as you want it to appear in Wild Card Creator (or the names of those at your gaming table)
  • How you want extra money to be spent (a CD copy, extra character submissions, or a generous donation).
  • Your Skype username and some suggested times that I can contact you to personally thank you, if you are at a pledge level where I said I would (or you can decline)

Mailing addresses for CDs and e-mail addresses for the digital downloads will be collected closer to the release date. This saves any trouble that might come up from people moving and such.

If you are at a pledge level where you are submitting a character, you will be sent instructions on the format I would like for you to send it. The deadline for character submission is going to be Sunday, October 21st.

There will also be a survey sent to all backers at some point asking which Savage Worlds settings’ PDFs you would like to see Wild Card Creator be able to import upon release and which ones can wait to be added in a free update for the future.

After all that’s done, I’m going to be working, working, and working on Wild Card Creator! I’ll be posting Kickstarter updates whenever there is news, so you’ll be kept in the loop. The estimated release date is November 2012 and I’ll try my best to shoot for it. I may even let backers get a copy before anyone else!

Again, thank you all very much for your generous pledges to make Wild Card Creator a reality. You all are absolutely fantastic!

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