One More Stretch Goal!

One of the backers wrote the following:

At 9,500 can we has that graphical interface I had mentioned–that is, the feel of a real moleskine/adventurer’s notebook within the program itself?

What she’s describing is a look and feel similar to that found in the Savage Worlds books in which the page background looks somewhat worn from use. This compliments well with the white headers in a red box and other visual elements in the book. Basically, what this backer is asking for is a prettier user interface than the very utilitarian default user interface used now.

And you know what? Making Wild Card Creator have the same level of aesthetic quality as the Savage Worlds books is a really good goal. Art has never been my specialty, so I will probably need to hire some help on this.

So one last stretch goal will be offered: at $9,500, Wild Card Creator will have an interface overhaul, adding a look and feel that is reminiscent of the Savage Worlds books.

Ideally, I’d like to make this look and feel customizable so that you can change it with the setting. Perhaps there would be one that looks more like the Deadlands Reloaded books and another that looks more like the Space 1889 books, for instance.

So one last stretch goal. If we get $500 more, this gets added on.

And then after that, there really will be no more stretch goals!

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