iPad/Android Tablet Version is Funded!

We’ve hit exactly $8,000, meaning that work will begin on the iPad and Android tablet versions immediately after the desktop version ships AND everyone will receive half off coupons for both versions.

It’s a bit early to say what special features these versions will have and how they will differ from their desktop counterpart. The user interface will certainly look different because of the smaller screen and touch interface. I would very much like to implement cloud synchronization between the different versions so that you can transfer characters and character options between devices, but how that will work is still yet to be determined. Also, I imagine that there will be a simple “gaming table mode” to display character sheets at the gaming table (this won’t be on the desktop version because it’s my belief that laptops get in the way of the social interaction).

What’s next? Well, KickTraq, an online Kickstarter projection tool, projects that this Kickstarter will reach $8,800 by the end of its funding period. I’d like to challenge this and see if we can hit $9,000. So here’s two more stretch goals to get you motivated:

$8,250 — Wild Card Creator will be able to export into Fantasy Grounds II format, so you’ll be able to send your characters directly to the popular virtual tabletop program.

$9,000 — All copies of Wild Card Creator will include art from Cheyenne Wright, three time Hugo award winning artist for Deadlands Noir, 50 Fathoms, Necessary Evil, and other Pinnacle settings, which you can use as character portraits.

So there you go! Just a few days left, but I think that we can make it to $9,000!

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